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Teaching Methodology

"You read, you forget; you see, you remember; you experiment, you understand" is the basic methodology adopted by les Caterpillars for teaching.

At les Caterpillars learning is child-centered and activity oriented. Through innovative and experimental teaching methods, we make the learning process extremely enjoyable. With subject based classrooms, state of the art facilities for the holistic development of our children, the school aims to provide world-class education.

Every child is born with unique gift of knowledge. Discovering knowledge is the province of every human being. We believe in leaving ideologies behind and seeing each student as an individual who has multiple ideas to share. We provide a structured situation in which students can discover how to articulate their ideas, both verbally and artistically.

Plato says that "Education is the process of questioning in order to re-discover what we already knew". We value this process.

Strong parental involvement

We believe in establishing a close partnership with parents. A well-structured parental participation program supports the school, strengthens families and enhances student achievement and success.

The School provides an opportunity for the parents to share their ideas and concerns, provide ongoing communication between parents and the management, and collaborate on school initiatives.