Events & Activities


Our children blossom in a nurturing environment. Two teachers and a lady support staff for each section cater to individual needs of the little ones. Sensory development and environmental studies approach to learning makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric. Fun activities for the kids like Splash pool, field trips, Grandparents day, are an integral part of the value based education followed across the school.

We are committed to values based on an image of children as curious, competent and capable of co-constructing knowledge. Our journey begins as our staff asks questions, listens to children, collaborates with them and documents their work. As children discover and explore, they may work on investigations that may last a few days to a few months. All projects must be meaningful to them and their world. By creating a classroom environment that allows for open-ended learning and discovery, we give children a chance to express themselves and understand their world.

The Program is designed to develop a wide range of skills within the children including thinking skills to become reflective thinkers, social skills to become caring and open minded, research skills to be knowledgeable and self-management and communication skills, so that they can use and share their knowledge and understandings appropriately.

At les Caterpillars, we encourage and support children to:

  • Explore, wonder and to question
  • Research and to report findings
  • Make predictions and to act purposefully
  • Make and test theories
  • Elaborate on solutions to problems

We also believe that learning is a cooperative venture which includes other children, their teachers, their families and our larger community. Literacy, math, science, music and arts, general awareness are all emphasized through a framework of hands-on experiences.

Learning in les Caterpillars is facilitated keeping in mind the specific requirements of the age of the children. The emphasis points at each age are based on children's readiness, appropriateness of the curriculum and challenges suitable to take them to the next level of education.